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Watch Hot Girls Wanted 2015 online,

Hot Girls Wanted 2015

ホットガールズ・ウォンテッド2015 online,

amateur-adult entertainment industry online

Original title  Hot Girls Wanted

Year  2015

Running time  85 min.

Country  United States

Director  Jill Bauer, Ronna Gradus


Documentary (Self: Sasha Grey, Emily Ratajkowski)


Documentary | Teen/coming-of-age. Computers / Internet. Sexuality & Porn

Synopsis / Plot

Thanks to the Internet, thousands of young American women are entering the "amateur" porn world, fulfilling a growing demand for girl-next-door starlets. Hot Girls Wanted follows one such girl, eager to leave small-town life in search of freedom and fame. With the click of a mouse she transforms from A-student to fledgling amateur actress. She initially feels independent and popular starring in professionally produced videos—uploaded on sites garnering an average of 41 million hits a month. But as she and some of her new friends fall deeper into the darker corners of the Internet, and as new faces arrive daily, they’re forced to reconsider an increasingly dubious line of work. Filmmakers Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus, along with producer Rashida Jones and partners from the Kinsey Institute for Sex Research, rip the lid off of the often unchecked amateur porn industry. By honing in on this process, Hot Girls Wanted reveals a business reliant on Millennials who believe empowerment is synonymous with online notoriety.


                                WATCH MOVIE " HOT GIRLS WANTED 2015 " ONLINE

Hot Girls Wanted 2015 online,

Watch Hot Girls Wanted 2015 online,

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Hot Girls Wanted,

ホットガールズ・ウォンテッド2015 online,

Watch movie Hot Girls Wanted 2015 online,

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