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Caged Women 1991

Caged Women - Caged - Le prede umane(1991)

Caged Women 1991online

Enjauladas 1991 online

Quartier haute sécurité pour femmes 1991 online

Caged Women-fucked in prison movie

Жени в клетка 1991 online

Original title  : Caged - Le prede umane

Year: 1991

Running time: 87 minutos

Director: Leandro Lucchetti

Géneros: Action,Adventure,Drama

Stars: Pilar Orive, Isabel Libossart, Elena Wiedermann, Christian Lorenz, Gaetano Russo, Aldo Sambrell, Catia Castello Branco

Country: Italy

Lenguaje Original: English

Genres: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller

Synopsis :

Beautiful young American tourist Janet Cooper goes on vacation to a remote South American country. After being arrested by a corrupt cop and subsequently found guilty of a trumped-up charge involving possession of narcotics, Janet finds herself incarcerated at an isolated castle located deep in the jungle that serves as a hellish women's penitentiary. The brutal staff at said prison not only treat the inmates as their own sexual playthings, but also force the ladies into prostitution and even let decadent rich folks hunt them down like animals in the wild.


Enjauladas 1991 online,

Caged Women - Gepeinigt und gequält 1991 online,

Жени в клетка 1991 online,

QHS - Quartier haute sécurité 1991 online,

Quartier haute sécurité pour femmes 1991 online,

Caged Women - Gepeinigt und gequält im Frauenzuchthaus 1991 online,

アマゾネス・プリズン1991 online,

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Caged Women in Purgatory 1991 online,

Caged Women 1991 online,

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