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Nøglehullet 1974 online

My Teenage Daughter - Nøglehullet 1974

Avaimenreikä 1974 online

Het Deense sleutelgat 1974 online

Nyckelhålet 1974 online-Marie Ekorre

Anahtar Deliği 1974 online-Marie Ekorre

The Keyhole 1974 online

Heißer Sex in Dänemark 1974 online

My Teenage Daughter 1974 online

Original title: Nøglehullet (1974)

Year : 1974

Director: Paul Gerber

Stars: Marie Ekorre, Torben Larsen, Max Horn, Bent Warburg, Dorte Jensen, Pia Larsen, Lene Andersen, Lisbeth Olsen, Ina Løndahl,

Genres: Adult | Comedy

Country: Sweden | Denmark

Language: Danish


Mette & Soren are young lovers. Mette's father hires Soren (not knowing he is his daughter's boyfriend) to write a script for a 'realistic' porn movie. Soren discusses this with Mette, arguing that if realistic it would be boring as it would be about ordinary people. Mette convinces him that ordinary people don't have boring sex lives - her family and their friends for instance. She spies on her father, his business partner and her mother, and gets a job in a massage parlor for research. Soren photographs two girls and a guy in a porn shoot. Mette and Soren also spend a lot of time together while Soren works on the script. When Soren presents the finished script, it is rejected as 'too unbelievable' by the very people it is about.



Nøglehullet 1974 online,

Avaimenreikä 1974 online,

Het Deense sleutelgat 1974 online,

Nyckelhålet 1974 online,

Anahtar Deliği 1974 online,

The Keyhole 1974 online,

My Teenage Daughter 1974 online,

Heißer Sex in Dänemark 1974 online,

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